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Boys Basketball Benet Academy vs. Batavia 03.11.21

Let’s take a trip to Batavia as the boys basketball Bulldogs honor their seniors and get a little dunking going before their matchup with Benet Academy. The Redwings are coming off a big win over St. Viator. You may notice Benet wearing practice jerseys. The Redwings brought their black uniforms to the game, but Batavia wore its black uniforms, so Benet had to improvise and use white practice jerseys and black shorts.

1st Quarter

Tied at three in the first quarter and here’s Carson Diehl faking the 3 and running into the paint. He gets the lay in to go. Visitors up 5-3.

8-3 Wings and here is Diehl again and this time he gets the 3 to fall from the corner. 7 points in the game for Diehl, 11-3 Benet.

2nd Quarter

2nd quarter and the Bulldogs show some fight as Luke Nelson gets the bounce pass and the one handed lay in to go. Batavia trails 16-9.

3rd Quarter

3rd quarter and here are the Bulldogs passing the ball around until Anthony Carrano finds Blake Studebaker and gets the hook shot to fall through. Benet still leads 22-15.

Later in the third, Carson Diehl drives and kicks out to Luke Nolan who drills the three. A team high nine points for Nolan.

4th Quarter

4th quarter with over 5 minutes to go the Red Wings look to pull away as Tyler Van Eekeren gets the bank shot to go and the Wings hold their largest lead 33-18.

However, fasten your seat belts and lets show some love to the big guy. Eastern Illinois football offensive line commit Jack Valente gets a corner 3 to fall and the Redwing lead is down to singles digits 33-24.

35-26 Wings and 3’s are still the thing for the Bulldogs as Matt Rash is there in the far corner. His triple is good. 35-29 Benet with a minute and a half left.

All Benet seniors getting playing time and do a good job with a game of keep away. Here is Declan Euritt scoring 2 of his 9 points right here. Wings still cling to a 39-31 lead with over 50 seconds to go.

39-33 Wings and the Bulldogs are not done as Tyler Klien pulls and hits the triple. 39-36 Benet with less than 10 seconds to go.

After a missed 1 and 1 opportunity here come the Bulldogs down three and Anthony Carrano’s shot is just off the mark and no good. Benet holds off the furious come back for a nice road win over Batavia boys basketball.

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