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Avoiding Plumbing Problems

Between the food and the planning that goes into hosting the perfect family holiday, you may forget about the clean up after the meal, and the potential damage you could be doing to your pipes.

“A good way to avoid that is to fill the sink after you’re all done cleaning and doing everything you’ve done and just let it drain and wash away as much as that stuff as possible,” said Steven Brackman of Expert Plumbing.

While a garbage disposal aids in grinding down scraps of food, there are some things that should never go down the drain. Bones top the list, but there’s a lesser-known culprit that can also cause problems.

“Coffee grounds, absolutely a bad idea never put coffee grounds into a disposal. Try not to put greasy things into the disposal; they tend to stick to the pipes. It’s a lot easier to put in the things that you really feel are necessary. Be sparing, just use common sense; if you can put it into your garbage just do that instead of the disposal or you’ll end up paying for it later,” said Brackman.

And once that cold weather hits, you’re going to want to make sure those pipes don’t freeze.

Remember to detach outdoor hoses from their hose bibs to avoid flooding in the spring and invest in a expandable mirror.

“I bought this at Ace, for about three bucks and you run it along the foundation line of your home and look for rodent holes. When it gets cold and as our homes get older the wood gets soft and rodents chew their way in, leaving your pipes exposed and prone to freezing, it only takes a minute to run this along the foundation line and make sure things aren’t infested,” said Brackman.

Naperville News 17’s Natalie Vitale reports.


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