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Are Napervillian Democrats in support of Clinton?

For the first time in America’s history, a woman will take the stage at a political convention as her party’s nominee.

As her former opponent, Bernie Sanders, has voiced his support for her, many local democratic leaders are doing the same.

“I am so excited to support Hillary in this election. Hillary is experienced, I mean probably the most experienced candidate for presidency I have ever known in my lifetime. She’s got a world view, she understands this world, she will lead us in a very responsible and effective manner,” said Dianne McGuire, a member of the Naperville Township Democratic Organization.

Others will be securing their vote for Clinton because it aligns with goals already in place in our area.

“She’s made the environment a cornerstone of her campaign and I’m Chairman of the Environmental Committee at the county, so something we oversee at the county is trying to get everyone to reduce their greenhouse gases, and be a lot more environmentally friendly. She wants to continue the trend under the Obama administration to invest more heavily on green infrastructure, create a new industry in America for green energy production, so that’s something I agree very much with,” said Tony Michelassi (D), a DuPage County Board Member representing District five.

One of Clinton’s platforms is justice and equality; a common topic for support we heard when out on the street.

“Her platform on women’s rights is something to be admired, she is a woman and therefore she can represent us best,” said Srishtee Dear, a Clinton supporter.

“I think she’s come a long way, especially in support of LGBTQIA rights. That’s a big part of me voting-wise and I’m pro-choice, so that she stood up for Planned Parenthood is definitely something I look for in a candidate as well,” said Erica Janicki, a Clinton supporter.

But other democrats don’t see much truth in her words, feeling she’s just out to say whatever it takes to win the election.

“She was against gay marriage, but then because gay marriage was more supported, now she’s supporting it. I mean there’s things she talks about that I like but it’s not really what she cares about, it’s to get votes,” said Mark Gajda, who will not be supporting Clinton in the election.

“I think that Hillary is not a very honest person and you can’t trust what she says. She doesn’t do what she says she’s going to do and she’s out for herself,” said Richard Salah, who will also not be supporting Clinton.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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