Allergy Season Starts Early

Unseasonably warm temperatures have many Naperville residents reaching for their tissues. This early spring means the pollen counts are high, so allergy season is expected to be longer and more severe. Usually those who suffer from spring allergies feel their symptoms kick into gear in late April or early May, but because of the mild winter, trees bloomed earlier and many are having problems now. Doctor Asya Segalene recommends shutting the windows.

“That prevents allergens into the bedrooms and sticking to the carpet and the furniture; it minimizes the symptoms,” said Segalene, an Allergist with Allergy and Asthma Associates of DuPage.

That’s one of the things Kim Chrencik does to prevent her allergies. Before she began seeing Dr. Segalene she had severe symptoms.

“I would literally have tears running down my face,” said Chrencik. “I was constantly running around with boxes of Kleenex and garbage bags, and it was really pretty miserable.”

Chrencik learned she was allergic to seven different things, from dust to ragweed. Dr. Segalene began a personalized treatment.

“We identify what the person is allergic to and his particular allergens are mixed in and introduced in his body in small amounts in order to possibly cure the allergy,” said Segalene.

“It’s nice if you are allergic to a lot of things they mix special formulas for you so all seven of my things only went into two injections, instead of getting seven shots,” said Chrencik.

In spring, the top allergens are pollens from trees. In summer, it’s grass. And in the fall, many people suffer from weed allergies. Over the counter allergy medicines and nasal sprays can help, just start well before your allergy season begins. You may also want to avoid certain foods.

“Somebody who’s allergic to trees, for example, some of them who eat fresh apples or celery might have the symptoms of itchy mouth or throat,” said Segalene. “Somebody who’s allergic to grasses might have symptoms to peaches. And ragweed sufferers might have itchy mouth and throat to melons. So, watch out for those during the seasons.”

Segalene says the best way to stop the symptoms is to see an allergist, who can find out all your allergens and help you beat them.

And one last tip, take a shower after you’re back indoors for the day. Otherwise, the pollen may bother you all night long.


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