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Aerial Tree Yoga at the Morton Arboretum

Aerial Tree Yoga

People in this class at the Morton Arboretum get the benefits of relaxing with a twist.

“Aerial yoga is a combination of traditional yoga, Pilates, and poses that defy gravity,” said Natalie Schilke, aerial tree yoga instructor at the Morton Arboretum. “We use this soft hammock here that’s made out of silk to support us as our prop for our practice.” 

The Benefits

Aerial tree yoga helps increase flexibility, strengthens and tones your muscles, and allows you to do poses that can’t be done on the mat.

The graceful gazelle, cocoon meditation, and inverting – or being upside down – are some other poses all done as you hang from a tree!

“The arborists here ensure the safety of these oak trees as well as the safety of the visitors attending this class. And they check the branches, make sure they’re stable,” said Schilke.

Connecting to Nature

The hammocks can support up to 3,000 pounds. And the location of the class at the arboretum is an added bonus.

“Because we have this beautiful view and we’re hanging from these amazing oak trees, we get to feel the benefits of being supported and connected to nature,” said Schilke.

Releasing stress… in mid-air.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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