A “Hot” Workout Trend

A ‘hot’ workout trend has people sweating out their stress. We recently headed to Divine Power Yoga to learn more about hot yoga.

Yoga is workout that connects breath to poses. It incorporates physical, spiritual, and mental aspects that will push you to your limit while leaving you relaxed and centered. And in hot yoga the room is nearly 90 degrees.

“The heat helps loosen your muscles more quickly, so you can stretch more deeply without risk of injury,” said Mary Frances, Owner of Divine Power Yoga. “The sweat that comes from the heat helps you detoxify.”

Yoga isn’t just about stretching, while it does increase your flexibility, it also improves your strength training and raises your heart rate.

“In the beginning of class we have a time where we intentionally move a little more quickly to help build heat from within,” said Frances. “It’s easier to build heat from within when the room around you is warm, and that heat from within helps with that movement, build burn more calories, gives you a little of that cardio benefit.”

“It’s not like going to the gym where you throw some dumbbells around for 20 minutes or a half hour and then you’re done,” said participant Amos Kaffgenbarger. “Yoga works out your entire body. It’s a lot more vigorous than you think.”

After a vigorous workout that had everyone in the room sweating, it was time for a cool down session where you stretch and slow down your heart rate, leaving you refreshed and re-energized.

“I feel charged up yet drained at the same time,” said participant Kimberly Loll. “It’s a good ‘Oh I’ve just put a lot of work into what I’ve done’ but I’m also ‘Ok I’ll go rest for awhile.’”

“Not only is it physically rewarding, but it’s mentally as well,” said Catherine Drumm, who’s also an instructor at Divine Power Yoga. “In other things like running and step classes, a lot of adrenaline is always pumping and pumping you’re not just taking it down a little mentally and that’s what yoga does. It’s a moving meditation.”

“You can come in having had the worst day, and you give yourself over to those 60 minutes, you allow the breaths and the movements to kind of clear your mind, and you walk out a new person. It’s really an awesome thing,” said Frances.

Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced student, they offer classes that fit your level. For more information visit their website at divinepoweryogaonline.com. Namaste.


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