A Cool Treat

Now that Ribfest and the Fourth of July have passed, it’s time to celebrate another July holiday- National Ice Cream Month.

Started by Ronald Reagan in 1984, National Ice Cream Month celebrates the creamy delight consumed by ninety percent of Americans.
eople have been making ice cream since the days of George Washington. Simply mix milk, sugar, salt and ice. But if you don’t have hours to do it yourself, you can go to the store or an ice cream parlor; there’s plenty to choose from here in Naperville.

Colonial Café’s motto is “Scooping fun since 1901.”
“We have 15 flavors of ice cream and it’s our own recipe,” said 4th generation owner of Colonial Café Clinton Anderson. “History plays a big role in what we’re doing.”

Colonial Café has your traditional sundaes and 15 kinds of ice cream flavors, but their signature dish is the Kitchen Sink.

“Six scoops of ice cream: two chocolate, two strawberry, two vanilla; whipped cream, nuts, chocolate, strawberry, pineapples, and two bananas. If you finish it all you get a bumper sticker that says ‘I ate a Colonial Kitchen Sink,’” said Anderson.

If you’re still craving more, our next stop hasn’t been around for more than a hundred years. In fact, it hasn’t even been in Naperville for one, but Maggie Moo’s, which started in Kansas City, has been dishing up award winning ice cream since 1989.

“The ice cream base is made with pure cane sugar. We don’t use substitutes, which will help make it really creamy. Nice and creamy with lots of fat,” explained Diane Jacobsen, owner of Maggie Moo’s.

Customers can pick any flavor they want, then pick toppings and watch them mix the ice cream on a cold table right before their eyes.

“With the frozen table you can mix it. It will stay at the proper temperature without melting,” said Jacobsen.

Gelato is another summer favorite. Gelato is a form of ice cream that has less fat and is made with less air.

“It’s a little healthier, or if you’re watching your weight, gelato is really better for you,” said Chef Vedad Viselj, Chef and Owner of Chef’s Corner.

The Chef wouldn’t share his secret gelato recipes with us, but he did share the finished product. From lemon to wild berry, to almond brittle to hazelnut, to your traditional chocolate and vanilla, the Chef makes any kind fresh gelato you can think of.

“Whatever your head can think of, you can make gelato out of it. I like to play with fruits and nuts,” said Viselj.

So, whether it’s gelato or ice cream, grab your spoons and celebrate National Ice Cream Month this July. And don’t forget about National Ice Cream Day on July 18th.


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