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Meson Sabika Turns 25

“Human beings are members of a whole,

in creation of one essence and soul.

Should one organ be troubled by pain,

Others would suffer severe strain.

If you have no sympathy for human pain,

The name human you cannot retain,”

This poem by Saadi Shirazi, is what owner of Meson Sabika, Hossien Jamali has based his life and his business on.

“I do believe that whatever I earn, is not really all mine, that somebody up there – whatever you call him has put me in charge of this and I use some for me and my family’s needs and some wants but the rest should go to those in need,” Jamali says.

The restaurant is a mainstay in our community, not only because of its status as a historic landmark but because of all the work Jamali and his staff does for those in need.

“He will do relief fundraisers where they donate all of the proceeds, not 10% or 20% but all of them. On Thanksgiving Hossien his family, and the employees host a Thanksgiving dinner and just this year they served just under 2,000 people,” said Christine Jeffries, the President of The Naperville Development Partnership.

Meson Sabika opened in 1990 and specializes in small plates or tapas.

They let me into the kitchen to prepare one of their most popular dishes.

“We do keep track of what is selling and what is not and change the menu as we need to, but the Garlic Potato Salad is a signature dish at Meson Sabika,” said Jamali.

The dish is a mix of garlic, fresh cilantro, potatoes and more, but Jamali knows it’s more than delicious food that makes Meson Sabika a success.

“I am very proud but it’s not me that made it last 25 years, it’s the combination of all of our guests that have supported us in the last 25 years and all of my co-workers that have made this place a success and all of the credit goes to them,” he said.

Naperville News 17’s Natalie Vitale Reports


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