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New Workouts New You

If you’re ready to take your fitness goals to the next level in 2016 head over to The Labs.

Their data driven, interval training approach to working out ensures results.

“We use ‘My Zone’ which is a heart rate program. After every workout we send out an email to our clients that say what their minimum, maximum heart rate was, how many calories they burned, and how many MEP’s which are ‘My Effort Points’ how many you earned. So it really holds people accountable, helps us keep track of your progress and makes sure our athletes are getting what they want out of our classes,” said General Manager, Mary Tobiasan.

Designed for tri- athletes but open to every one, The Labs offer’s numerous fitness classes designed to perfect your technique while torching calories.

“To have all these things under one roof is extraordinary. There are places to do in door cycling, take a fitness class, or swim program – but nothing that’s all under one roof,” Tobiasan said.

For those who enjoy a work out with more fluidity, there is a new way to enjoy yoga.

“This is Aviana Aerial Yoga, and it’s different than other types being offered in the industry in that it is very flow based. Each of the poses connects in a flow with the breath and you’re really able to maintain a meditative state,” said Aerial Yoga Instructor, Holly Johnson.

Johnson developed the program, which uses a silk hammock hanging just a few inches off the ground, depending on your height.

Classes are offered Saturday mornings at Abhyaasa Yoga in Downtown Naperville

And though the movements are slow and methodical, you’ll still feel the burn.

“You really get a lot of core activation, and that is huge and something a lot of people need to work on for lower back pain, activating the core really helps with that and its hard to do in a mat practice. A lot of times they will tell you ‘activate your core’ but you don’t really know how or what that means, but using the hammock you’re forced to use it and you get that core activation so much more,” said Johnson.

Naperville News 17’s Natalie Vitale Reports.


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