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101 Dalmatians Engagement Photos

Tony and Corinne share a love for each other, a love for their dogs and a love for Disney, which led to engagement photos that found themselves all over the Internet.

“I, of course, love dogs. I’m obsessed with dogs and so 101 Dalmatians was always one of my favorite movies. So I was like, ‘Hey Ton – just a thought – maybe for our engagement photo session we could dress up in costumes and reenact the pictures’. And better than that, we can put our dogs in it and we’ll have Izzy and Mookie with us too! They’ll always be with us inside the pictures,” said Corinne Jones.

The couple recreated iconic scenes from the classic Disney film, 101 Dalmatians, photographed by Corinne’s cousin.

Everything from costumes to positions and facial expressions were perfectly replicated. And after posting the pictures to their social media and Imgur, the couple received an unbelievable amount of responses.

“Everyone’s saying ‘congrats on going viral’ and I’m like ‘No, no! We’re getting married! We’re going to get married, that’s the fun part is that we’re going to actually join in a union for the rest of our lives!” said Jones.

Appearing on websites like Cosmo, Reddit and, they capture the personality of two fun-loving people.

“The greatest thing is that it’s us. It was a moment of hilarity and maybe a bit of insanity,” said Jones.

“And sincerity! I think that’s why people like it too,” added Tony Collier.

With millions of views and thousands of shares, these viral photos are a reminder that artwork can be sentimental for anyone.

“A picture, a little piece of art, can tell a story and be meaningful for people who don’t know you and will never know you and can feel from that with no other instigator. It was pretty cool. It was awesome,” said Jones.

Naperville News 17’s Rachel Pierson reports.


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