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School Boards Sworn In | John C. Dunham STEM School | Brush Collection

District 203 New Board Sworn In

Reelected and new Naperville School District 203 board members were sworn in last night at the board of education meeting. Incumbents Kristin Fitzgerald, Donna Wandke, and Charles Cush and newly elected board member Amanda McMillen took their seats. McMillen took the place of exiting board member Paul Leong, who was just sworn in to serve on Naperville City Council. Fitzgerald, Wandke, Cush, and McMillen will all serve a four-year term.

District 204 New Board Sworn In

Indian Prairie School District 204 welcomed its new board of education last night as well. Newcomers Allison Fosdick and Supna Jain joined incumbents Susan Demming and Laurie Donahue, along with the rest of the D204 board, who took their oaths at a special meeting. The district said goodbye to longtime board members Cathy Piehl and Michael Raczak, who joined the meeting by phone. Together Piehl and Raczak served D204 as board members for over 20 years. District 204’s next board meeting will be May 10.

STEM School Update

Last night, the West Aurora School District 129 Board of Education voted to withdraw from the John C. Dunham STEM Partnership School at the end of the 2021-2022 school year. The 5-2 vote likely means the end for the STEM school, housed and managed by Aurora University, as three of its partners, West Aurora, Batavia School District 101, and East Aurora School District 131 have voted to withdraw. Indian Prairie School District 204 voted last week not to withdraw. On May 11 the John C. Dunham STEM Partnership School board will meet to discuss the future of the school.

Brush Collection

Brush collection begins the week of May 10. The city provides free residential brush collection for tree and shrub branches. The day your brush will be picked up depends on the garbage day. Brush needs to be placed on the parkway the Sunday before collection begins in each area. The brush collection schedule and an interactive map can be found on the City of Naperville website.

Rabid Bat

On May 1 a little brown bat that tested positive for rabies was removed from the hallway at the Fifteen98 Naperville apartments on Fairway Drive. The Naperville Police Department is reminding residents not to touch a bat if you find one in your home or business. People should call Naperville Animal Care and Control or the Naperville Police Department and close the door to the room the bat was found in if possible. According to IDPH, less than five percent of bats tested for rabies are found to be rabid.


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