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Election Fraud Charges | Possible Vaccination Clinics | Beer, Wine Kiosk At Fox Valley

Election Fraud Charges

A Naperville woman is one of five being charged by the DuPage County State’s Attorney for election fraud in the 2020 general election. The state’s attorney’s office alleges that Colleen Kirchoff, 60, attempted to cast a ballot for someone other than herself. She was charged with forgery and perjury, both Class 3 felonies. The five individuals being charged with election fraud were identified by the DuPage County Clerk’s office, which brought the cases to the attention of the state’s attorney’s office. Two others also allegedly cast a ballot for someone else, while the remaining two are accused of claiming to have lived at a DuPage County address for 30 days or more, when they did not.

Possible Vaccination Clinics

Naperville mayor Steve Chirico is looking into setting up short and long term COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Naperville, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. The mayor has been working with private institutions on the possibility. He envisions having both a one or two day clinic to get hundreds in for their vaccines, as well as a longer-term operation, that would serve 100 people a day. Roadblocks so far have been citing a need, with DuPage County holding one of the collar counties’ highest percentages for vaccinating its residents, and clearing the idea through state and federal authorities.

Council Candidate Forum

At last night’s City Council Candidate Forum hosted by the League of Women Voters – Naperville, those running for the office had the chance to get their voices out to the voters. On April 6, voters will choose four out of Paul Leong, John Krummen, Vasavi  Chakka, Jim Haselhorst, Ian Holzhauer, Jennifer Bruzan Taylor, Allison Longenbaugh, Vincent Ory, Lucy Chang Evans, Mark Urda, and Benny White to serve on the dais. Questions at the forum addressed a variety of topics like the city’s shortage of affordable housing, Naperville’s reliance on fossil fuels, and addressing the economic impact of COVID-19. Because all twelve candidates attended, they each had to condense their thoughts to a minute per answer. You can watch the candidate forum in its entirety on the league’s Facebook page. You can also learn more about each candidate on NCTV17’s Meet the Candidates page.

D203 Checks Coming

Naperville School District 203 is asking residents to keep an eye on their mail as tax relief checks are on the way. District 203 is giving $10 million back to taxpayers due to a surplus which came from shifting to remote learning. The owner of a $400,000 home is expected to get about $270. Residents can check the status of the checks by zip code on the district’s website.

Beer/Wine Kiosk At Fox Valley

A self-serve beer and wine kiosk is coming to Fox Valley Mall. At last night’s Aurora City Council meeting, the group approved a resolution to allow Tapville Social to open the eight-tap kiosk at the mall’s Center Park. Customers will be able to walk around the mall with their purchased drink. There is a 32 oz. limit per person. Those who buy a drink will be given a bracelet to wear, no one can have more than one cup in hand at a time, and Tapville will be working closely with mall security. Tapville Social plans to open the kiosk around March 20.

*Note – Candidates John Krummen and Benny White currently serve on the NCTV17 Board of Directors as the Naperville City Council representatives, as non-voting members.

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