COD Remote Learning | Tax Money To Social Services | Restaurant Week

COD Remote Learning

College of DuPage will switch to entirely online learning as it starts its spring semester, due to the latest COVID-19 surge. Classes will resume at the previously scheduled date of January 24, but with only a limited number of labs and programs meeting in person.  Students should check learning modules BlackBoard and MyAccess for information on their specific courses.  In-person instruction is expected to resume February 7, but only after college administration approves a safe return.

Tax Money To Social Services

Naperville City Council plans to give $500,000 in food and beverage tax money to various non-profit agencies that help residents. As part of this year’s social service grant program, $450,000 will be used to help low- and moderate-income residents in areas including emergency shelter and food services, various counseling services, and physical, mental, or developmental disability programs. Councilmembers can propose initiatives for use of the remaining $50,000. The proposed grant distribution includes 35 recipients, with allocations ranging from $125 to more than $47,000.

DuPage Courthouse Expansion

A nearly $20 million expansion project has been proposed for the DuPage County judicial center, according to a Daily Herald report.  Court officials say the expansion is needed due to COVID-19 mitigation measures, a rise in felony cases, and criminal justice reform.  The plan includes a third-floor addition on top of a judicial office facility, set to house the public defender’s office.  It also includes $2.6 million in renovations to existing buildings.  At the DuPage County Board meeting on January 11, board members approved the use of $5.4 million in pandemic relief funds to help pay for the project.  The board will discuss further funding for the expansion at future meetings.

Restaurant Week

It’s a great time to support local restaurants, as Naperville Restaurant Week starts tomorrow.  From January 15 to February 6, restaurants from fast casual to fine dining will have either a prix fixe menu for a discounted price or discounts on certain menu choices.  27 restaurants from all around Naperville are currently set to participate, and more can still sign up.  A list of participating restaurants is on the DineNaperville site.

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