Mike Isaac

Mike Isaac is an accomplished business owner and consultant with sought-after expertise in the pet industry. As CEO and CFO of Third Party Pet, Mike developed and manages a program for the American Kennel Club canine registrations, products and customer service operations, and consults across the United States on issues including customer service, marketing, purchasing, merchandising and sales. Mike is a frequent speaker and trainer for sales teams nationwide. He has been an advocate for regulations that support the health and humane treatment of domestic animals.

As a member of the City of Naperville’s Financial Advisory Board, Mike was appointed by the Mayor to serve as an advisor and sounding board on issues of municipal fiscal management, sound business practice and economic development for the City of Naperville.

Mike is a married father of twin 3-year-olds. He is a member of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Naperville Jaycees and supporter of many local not-for-profits.


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