The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree in Today’s World

According to a recent study, four out of five employers agree that all students should acquire broad knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences. Further, 93 percent of employers agree that candidates’ who demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than their undergraduate major ( In this episode, Nicki Anderson is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the impact of a liberal arts degree in today’s world and why it matters more now than ever.

The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

“It’s more than job training. It’s about training for life. They’re citizens and they’re neighbors and parents,” said Dr. Stephen Caliendo, Dean of  the College of Arts and Sciences at North Central College.

“People call them soft skills; being able to communicate, being in tune to your emotional intelligence. I don’t call those soft skills. I call those core skills,” added Laticia Thompson, Chief Legacy Partner at Legacy Blueprint.

“I hear from so many of our alums, who are liberal arts graduates, who talk about how they were  set up not only for their professional lives, but also for the rest of their journey, the more important part of their journey in many ways,” said Dr. Joseph Incandel, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Benedictine University.

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