How to Recognize Scams and What to Do

Whether over the phone, in your email inbox or at your favorite retail store, scams are everywhere. President & CEO Nicki Anderson sits down with an expert panel to explain how to recognize scams and what to do to protect yourself.

While it’s difficult to stop scams from coming your way, experts say your most powerful weapon to recognize scams is being educated.

“The bad guys prey on people by using emotions. They use fear mongering tactics. They’ll robocall you and say there’s a warrant for your arrest to make you nervous, to try and get you to react,” said Tim Pabich, Founder and CEO of Magnitech.

And with tax season coming to a close, IRS scams are at an all time high. Andy Mace, a certified fraud examiner with Klein-Hall CPAs, says it’s important to remember the IRS will never call you out of the blue. It’s also key to keep any personal information from being shared over the phone or online.

So what can you do when faced with a potential scam?

Be skeptical and question everything.

“You need to take a step back, investigate, look at it, and take an extra second to see where links are going to take you,” said Jim Pacetti, Crime Prevention Specialist with the Naperville Police Department.

Consider cyber coverage with your insurance provider.

“We’ve made recommendations to make sure you have cyber coverage. Have some policy to weather the storm if something does happen,” said Pabich.

File a report with the police department.

If you do fall victim to a scam ,the Naperville Police Department has financial crime investigators who specifically work with these cases.

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