Game On! Episode 8 – Game 6 – Career Fair

Career Fair is played one team at a time and the team in the lead goes first. One team member is appointed by their team as the clue-giver while the other three are the clue-guessers. The clue-giver will stand next to the Career Fair sign with Danielle. One at a time, each clue-guesser will approach the clue-giver, shake hands and ask, “What should my career be?” Danielle shows the clue-giver a card with the a career listed. The clue-giver provides hints about the career and can use actions, but cannot use any part of the word. The clue-giver can ‘pass’ TWICE. If the team gets through all 15 careers – without passing – within 2 minutes, they earn 3 extra points.


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