Game On! Episode 8 – Game 3 – Relay Race

Relay Race is played one team at a time. One player from each team is selected as the clue giver. The remaining three players are the clue guessers. Danielle will show the clue giver a series of words that start with the same letter. The first person in the line is given a clue and has to guess the word. The clue giver can use both gestures and words to describe the thing/action, but can’t use any part of the actual word. The second person is then given a clue and has to guess their word. If they get it right, they then have to recite the first person’s answer and then give their answer before the third clue can be given to the final person in line. Each time a correct answer is given, the person has to recite all the previous words.  Only the Clue Giver can pass. Each team can only pass twice.


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