Game On! Episode 7 – Game 6 – Trick or Treat

For Trick or Treat, the team currently in the lead after five games will go first! One team member will be the clue-giver, and the other 3 are guessers. The clue-giver will stand with Danielle on one side of the door. The other players will take turns coming up to the door, knocking, and saying “Trick or Treat! Who Am I?” Danielle will show the clue-giver a card with a costume on it. Then, they will have to get their teammate to guess what they are dressed up as. Only the clue-giver can pass, and they’ll have 2 passes for each round. But, if the team gets through all 15 costumes, without passing, they’ll get an extra 5 points. There are 2 minutes on the clock.

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