Game On! Episode 7 – Game 4 – 9 Lives

9 Lives is played one team at a time. One player from each team is selected as the clue-giver. The remaining 3 players stand up and face the audience. Danielle will show the clue-giver a series of words that start with the same letter, and all words have to do with Halloween or Autumn. The first person in line is given a clue and has to guess the word. The clue-giver can use both words and gestures to describe the word, BUT they cannot use any part of the actual word.

Once the first person has correctly guessed the word, the clue-giver moves on to the second player in line and gives them a clue. They have to guess the word. THEN, if they get it right, they have to recite the first person’s answer, and then give their answer. Only when they’ve said both words will the clue-giver be able to move on to the third person/clue. For each new word, each person must repeat all the previous words in the chain. Teams will earn 3 points for each correct answer and if teams can get through all 9 words, they’ll earn an extra 3 points.
There are 90-seconds on the clock.

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