Game On! Episode 6 – Game 6 – Blind Date

In this Game On! game, the teams will play separately.  The team in the lead will start first, with 3 members sitting on chairs at the front of the stage facing the audience. One team member will be appointed as a guesser and will sit on the couch wearing a pair of black-out glasses so they cannot see their teammates. Each clue giver has an envelope with a list of 7 occupations. The guesser will ask each team member to go on a date with them. The clue-givers will explain their occupation by describing what they would do on a date, starting with the phrase “On our date I will” or “On our date we will.” NO part of the occupation can be used in the description. The guesser can ‘pass’ once for each clue giver. There will be 3 passes in total and 3 minutes on the clock. Each correct answer is worth 5 points and if the team guesses all the occupations correctly (without passing), they will earn 5 extra points. Who will win, Team #Hugs or Team #Kisses? Watch to find out!

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