Game On! Episode 6 – Game 4 – Dear Future Husband

So, if you follow Danielle Tufano on social media, you might come across a post that says “Dear Future Husband, do not buy any holiday wrapping paper. Somehow, I have enough to wrap our future house. Love, future wife.” Danielle often talks to her future husband, and this inspired our game “Dear Future Husband”

In this game, one player from each team will come up to the buzzer and they will see a screenshot from a famous romance movie displayed on the screen. However, the face of the leading lady has been replaced with a photo of Danielle!  The first player to hit the buzzer must name the movie within 3 seconds to earn two points. If the guess is incorrect, the other team will get a chance to steal. Players will rotate after each movie. We’ve got 3 minutes on the clock. Who will win, Team #Hugs or Team #Kisses? Watch to find out!




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