Voters and Voting

It’s Election 2020 but with the COVID-19 pandemic voters and voting are big concerns.

This segment features two local politicians – Suzanne Hart, a republican and Dianne McGuire, a democrat.

Problems at the Polls?

The conversation began with a discussion on issues of voter suppression happening around the country.

“There are seven states that still have to have a reason beyond the virus to request a mail-in ballot,” says McGuire. “There are eight states that require witness signatures on vote by mail ballots.”

Changing Campaigns

But COVID-19 is affecting more than just voting at the polls. The way candidates run their campaigns is changing as well.

“The most powerful tool a candidate has is that knock on the door,” says McGuire. “That one on one voter contact, that’s missing. And there may be some candidates willing to do it, and they step like 12 feet, but for the most part, that’s not happening this time.”

“I have said many times,” adds Hart, “that I’m so glad that’s not me out there right now because I’m that knocker, you know, I’d knock all day.”

Finding Common Ground

The conversation ended with a discussion on if the country could find some common ground, no matter who wins the election.

McGuire said she hoped more women across the board would run for office.

“We need them to step forward at younger ages and have the support that they need to make an effective run. We need their voices to be heard,” says McGuire.

“I hope when this is all over come November, not January,” says Hart, “that we can all agree that America is our incredible country.”

About the Show

Finding Common Ground focuses on important current events and how they impact our diverse population. We are many voices of one community, often with strong opinions on every side of an issue. Here, through courageous conversation in the interest of discovering collaborative solutions, we hope to find out common ground.

All guests and viewers are invited to acknowledge the four agreements to courageous conversations:

  1. Stay Engaged
  2. Speak Your Truth
  3. Experience Discomfort
  4. Expect and Accept Non-Closure
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