Party Lines

In an election, do you vote along party lines, or look at the individual candidates?

In this segment, Republican Chuck Maher and Democrat Juan Thomas were on set to discuss the upcoming election.

“The question whether I’m going to vote straight ticket,” says Maher, “I will be voting for all the candidates that happen to be republican in this go around. I have in the past come close to not voting for some republicans and have in fact left my mark off because I didn’t like the policies of either candidates, so I didn’t vote at all for that particular seat.”

“I think more people vote across party,” says Thomas, “if they know the candidate, have a personal relationship where they kind of work with them in some capacity. So I know as a lawyer I have voted for judges in Kane County who may not be of my party, but I’ve appeared before them, I know them . They’re fair. They’re reasonable judges.”

Party Politics

The group also discussed barriers that exist for people who run for political office, and sometimes those barriers start with the parties themselves.

“Both of our parties are famous for selecting their candidates, funding who they want to fund, the party choice if you will,” says Thomas, “and discouraging competition for incumbents.”

Money and time will also play a factor in whether or not someone has the ability to run for office.

“Try producing a mailing in the primary and then triple that for the general election,” says Maher.

Finding Common Ground

Regardless of who wins the election, how do the two sides come together?

“If we lose,” says Thomas, “I hope we don’t get together to try to make Trump unsuccessful. I hope we come together and try to strengthen America.”

“And I would hope that we continue that process as well,” says Maher.

About the Show

Finding Common Ground focuses on important current events and how they impact our diverse population. We are many voices of one community, often with strong opinions on every side of an issue. Here, through courageous conversation in the interest of discovering collaborative solutions, we hope to find out common ground.

All guests and viewers are invited to acknowledge the four agreements to courageous conversations:

  1. Stay Engaged
  2. Speak Your Truth
  3. Experience Discomfort
  4. Expect and Accept Non-Closure
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