Finding Common Ground During The Holidays

Finding common ground during the holidays is more important than ever.  Because the holidays arrive after a contentious election, and schools debating their status during the pandemic, and COVID-19 positivity rates on the rise, people are even more on edge. On this episode, Rebecca and Dana discuss the best way to navigate the holidays while maintaining your mental health.

Therapist Lisa Pishas suggests, “Maybe this is the year where we can think about ‘good enough.’ Maybe we don’t look at Pinterest this year to make the perfect craft or meal. Maybe we stay away from things like that… “

Because both in-person and virtual gatherings can be stressful, Dilara Sayeed suggests stepping back.  “My sister and I are planning a family event,” said Sayeed.  “And started with stopping for a moment and not starting the planning. Let’s start with what do we feel comfortable with? We haven’t seen one another for a while. We don’t even know what’s typical in our lives right now. What do we feel comfortable with?”

Open Our Ears And Listen

Can we find common ground during the holidays in our own homes?  And can we ever find common ground when discussing the state of our community?  And when it comes to politics–on the local level or the national level–is it better to simply step away in an act of self-preservation? Or do we confront our worries and stand strong in our beliefs? Reverend Mark Winters thinks we may be going into these situations with the wrong idea: 

‘The purpose of dialogue is not agreement. It’s understanding,” says Winters. “What I see happen is folks get dug on a particular issue and their mouth opens and their ears close, and we need to do the opposite. We need to open our ears and listen for understanding we may not always agree with each other on something. That’s OK.”

Guests on the Show

About the Show

Finding Common Ground focuses on important current events and how they impact our diverse population. We are many voices of one community, often with strong opinions on every side of an issue. Here, through courageous conversation, and in the interest of discovering collaborative solutions, we hope to find our common ground.

Guests and viewers are invited to acknowledge the four agreements to courageous conversations:

  1. Stay Engaged
  2. Speak Your Truth
  3. Experience Discomfort
  4. Expect and Accept Non-Closure

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