Supreme A Championship Ends With Wild Final Inning

June 28, 2022
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It’s the Supreme A Championship at Nike Park on Naperville Little League Baseball Championship day on NCTV17. Remember to order a personal copy of the game by visiting the NCTV17 online store and purchasing an MP4 download!

We are at Nike Park for the 2022 Supreme A Little League Championship between Inlanta Mortgage and Team Falk. Players from Inlanta such as Owen Duncan, Elliott and Martin Beaudry, Cooper Durren, and Michael Dyer looks to win the championship. In the way of them is Brady Falk, Wes Pohlkamp, Jack Smucker, and Adryan Demetrio who are all representing Team Falk.

1st Inning

Getting ready to go out in the field before the first pitch is Luke Beran for Team Falk.

Batting first for Inlanta is Christoper Holaves who leads things off with a single.

Jacob Schachner is up to the plate and smashes the ball out into center field. Thanks to the big hit that allows Holaves to come home and score the opening run.

Pitcher Carter Poetz is looking to get things going on the mound as he strikes out Logan Sheely sending us into the bottom of the first.

Leading off for Team Falk is Finn Torcasio who hits into right field allowing Cole Kubes to run to third base.

2nd Inning

Second inning now and Declan McCoy is batting for Team Falk. His hit up the middle of the field brings in Thomas Martell for the tying run.

4th Inning

Let’s take a look in the outfield as Sean Miller is preparing for the fourth inning.

Christoper Holaves is back up to bat and he cranks this shot into the outfield putting him on second base.

Taking advantage of the big play is Jacob Schachner who hits to the opposite side of the field bringing home Holaves. 2-1 Inlanta.

Sticking with the red squad as Logan Sheely hits a bouncer in the infield and that’s enough for Schachner to score extending the lead to 3-1.

Still with Inlanta at the plate in the fourth as Carter Laga joins in on the hitting fun. However there would be no more runs in the 4th for Inlanta.

Team Falk’s turn to bat in the bottom half of the fourth. Alex Fanthrope starts the grey team off with a single but after three outs the hit results in no scoring.

5th Inning

Fifth inning and Inlanta has the bases loaded. Logan Sheely steps up and he powers this ball into the gap in left field resulting in Jacob Schachner, Mason Rand, and Christoper Holaves all coming around to score. Just like that, it’s 6-1 Inlanta.

Game clinching run on third with nobody out. Michael Dyer with a good rip to center field but Alex Fanthrope makes the catch and quickly fires to third. Sheely had broken for home but Brady Falk makes a great play at third to get his foot on the bag for a fantastic double play!

Evan Lanterman’s turn at the plate now with two out and he hits a fly ball just behind the short top giving him a single.

Winning run on base now, Jack Bryant steps up and hits one deep into the outfield allowing Sheely to sprint home extending the lead to 7-1. Due to the six-run rule after five innings that gives Inlanta Mortage the win over Team Falk in the Supreme A Championship game! A well played game from both teams wrapping up memorable seasons.