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North Central College Women’s Track and Field at the Wheaton Invite // 04.06.19

Highlights from the North Central College Women’s Track and Field at the Wheaton Invite, where they took second place behind several key performances.

Spring time has sprung and so has the outdoor track and field season. North Central traveling to the Wheaton Invite with an eye on taking the top spot.

Field Events

And we begin with the triple jump, and sophomore Lauren Kainwrath… you leaps an impressive 10.39 meters… good for 6th in a pretty stacked field.

Oh… and that field also has sophomore teammate Kelsey McLaurin in it… and the indoor conference champ doing what she does best – tops the competition with an 11.68 mark… with is more than 38 feet to take first.

Over to the throwing fields, which are a tad removed from the rest of the events… and indoor pentathalon conference champion, Hailey Dammeier participating. And her fourth throw of 29.15 meters good enough to slot her 5th.

The winner? Sophomore teammate Daniele Stubner, who wows the field with a toss that soars 119 feet and 9 inches… a personal best… she wins by a whopping 8 feet and pretty happy about it.

Back to the main stadium with Head Coach Kerri Kluckhohn and her high jumpers. And while both put up valiant efforts, Dammeier and teammate Veronica Ramming finish just of the podium in 9th and 10th place… missing by just 2 inches.

But, the indoor season once again transferring well outside… with conference champ Taiah Gallisath going in for the win and nabs the victory with a top mark of 1.64 meters, or five feet, 4 and a half inches… the junior nets NCC another 10 points as they hover around the top of the standings.

Track events

Moving from field events to the track… and we begin with a crowded 800 field for the Cardinals. Jenna Yakesh, Ashley Buado, Rachel Vaccaro and Natalie Cook all racing…. And midway through, it’s a bunched up pack before the leader from Chicago. And while the Maroons do get the top spot, Yakesh places third, Buado in fourth and Vaccaro in 7th to all score more points for North Central.

Halve the distance and we get Kaitlin Bonney and Lizzy McCadd in the 400 meter race. The duo coming in with solid times and a shot at taking the tops spots on the podium stand. And that’s precisely what they’re going to do! Bonney in first with a mark of 57.81, McCadd second with a 58.99 time… 18 points right there for the Cardinals.

Moving on to the 100 meter hurdles… and down the stretch it’s Wheaton’s Favor Ezuwuzie holding down the lead with North Central’s Milia Harris behind her by haf a second… they go 1-2 with Harris turning in a 15:08 time.

Next to the 100 meter dash and in heat one, Ezewuzie was the indoor champ for Wheaton and looking to maintain that status… which she does as the Thunder get the top two spots, followed by North Central’s freshman sprinter, Stephanie Garcia.

Then in heat two, senior Kyley Vicik runs a great race, taking the top spot with a 13:40 time, good for 10th overall out of 39 runners.

Wrapping up our trip around the meet with the 400 meter hurdles… a pretty grueling race… and Anna Baltudis toughs it out and crosses with a time of 1:08:01, placing second, as North Central finishes as the top conference team – second overall only to Chicago.

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