North Central College Men’s Volleyball vs. Augustana // 03.23.19

Highlights from the North Central Men’s Volleyball game vs Augustana on Senior Day inside Gregory Arena.

North Central Men’s Volleyball celebrating who they dub, “the founding fathers” – the first four-year seniors in program history. Meanwhile, young Augustana looking to upset the 12th ranked Cardinals.

First period and the Vikings punching the Cards in the mouth from the opening whistle… after a great sprawl from libero, Mathew Schifrel, Augustana sends a free ball over. But out of system themselves… North Central forced to send one back. And that’s when Augie gets tricky… as Sanchit Kaitan gets the kill. First set goes to the blue and yellow, 25-20.

Second set and the Cardinals picking it up… Augustana gets a good look at an attack chance, but Caleb Minnis has his spike dug out by Nick Lilly… that gives Michael Trunzo a chance to cue up Bohzidar Kolev… and he smokes it off the wrist of a Vikings. 5-5 early second set.

Few points later and the Cardinals coming out of a timeout down two… and how about the one handed set along the net by Trunzo… gets it to Jake Zemba… who hammers it in.

And that’s not the only thing the junior can do with just one hand… after a the Vikings give the Cards an easy one to work with, Trunzo send it home himself to tie the second set up at 13 a piece.

How about another senior getting in on the act… up by one, North Central going Kevin Messer’s way… and it’s beautifully executed. NCC now up 17-15.

Now tied at 20s… and the Cardinals really needing to pull out the second set… Trunzo finding Justin Curtis on the quick hit out of the middle… and it’s rocketed out of play. NCC up 21-20.

With a chance to tie things up… the Cardinals dialing up number 12 again… and Messer’s kill attempt blocked, but goes out of play. Cardinals take the second 25-23.

To the third… and midway through, Augustana leading 12-9… and their going to Minnis… and here’s a short tapper that finds a soft spot. Part of a big night for the Viking hitter.

Once again playing from behind, NCC down 18-17… but Kolev is feeling it… from the back row, the Bulgarian native scores 5 straight points for North Central… but it’s not enough as Augie takes the third, 25-20.

To the fourth and it’s do or die time for NCC… down 7-3, Lilly swinging hard and converting on his kill. Starts a quick 3-0 run for the Cards.

A few moments later and North Central continuing to hang in there with the Vikings, who are 3-2 in conference play. A Viking pass comes up to the net… and Anthony Kluzak stuff it in… Cards starting to feel some momentum.

Carrying it to the end of the fourth set, the Cardinals up 24-20… and Trunzo with the quick one back to the senior… and Kluzak ends it! And he’s fired up! We’re going to a 5th to figure out who moves to 4-2 in conference play.

Zipping ahead to 10-9 North Central… keep in mind, it’s first 15 in the fifth. And Kolev getting the Cardinals another point closer to pulling out a crucial win

Now 12-9… and an attack by Minnis is somehow saved by Trunzo… Sam Karesh sets it to Zemba… and the south paw! Cardinals just two points away!

And for the decisive point… let’s go to the broadcast.

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