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    Moms, Cathy, Patti, Saritha and Erica, tackle the tough subject of Emotional Exhaustion, both in adults and children.

    Emotional Exhaustion
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    The group talks about the tell tale signs of exhaustion and shares a few ways to get some much-needed rest for adults.

    Kids and Exhaustion
  • Traditions i

    Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, this is the time of year when families and friends gather to enjoy time and traditions together!

    Holiday Traditions
  • Stress i

    The Moms discuss extra stress that often comes along with the Holidays.

    Minimizing Holiday Stress
  • Trophy Generation i

    Local expert, Adam Russo, talks with the Moms about the Trophy Generation and how to let kids fail and learn how to handle the emotions that go with it.

    Trophy Generation
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    The Moms discuss screen time vs. free time and how it’s a complicated relationship. They offer suggestions, such as “no technology zone” and emphasizing free time doesn’t mean online time.

    Screen Time vs. Free Time
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    For many Moms, a lack of sleep is something that is often joked about but in this episode, our Moms, tell us it’s nothing to joke about.

    Sleep Deprivation
  • Manage Loss i

    In this episode, the Moms discuss how they needed to recognize their own grief as well as help their child through the journey.

    Helping Kids Manage Loss