• Illinois Hands & Voices i

    Illinois Hands & Voices supports families with children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing without a bias around communication modes or methodologies.

    Illinois Hands & Voices
  • Xilin Association i

    Xilin Association is a collection of vibrant, diverse and multicultural community centers with exceptional resources for the social needs of families, children and the elderly.

    Xilin Association
  • The Driskill Foundation i

    The Driskill Foundation strives to ignite young people to develop and unleash the power of their curiosity and creativity, resulting in healthier minds.

    The Driskill Foundation
  • Project HELP i

    Project HELP provides home-based parent mentoring and parent education workshops in English and Spanish to families in need of parenting support.

    YWCA Metropolitan Chicago’s Project HELP Program
  • A Man In Recovery Foundation i

    The primary mission of A Man in Recovery Foundation is to help people suffering from an alcohol or substance use

    A Man In Recovery Foundation
  • Naperville Crime Stoppers i

    Since its inception, Naperville Crime Stoppers has helped solve hundreds of crimes and have recovered over 4 million in cash, drugs and other proceeds.

    Naperville Crime Stoppers
  • Path to Recovery i

    Path to Recovery Foundation helps support, educate and promote guidance for individuals and families struggling with substance use disorders.

    Path to Recovery Foundation
  • TEDxNaperville i

    TEDxNaperville is a community organization and disruptive ideas conference that shares powerful ideas from the Chicago area’s most original and visionary thinkers.