• The Resiliency Institute i

    The Resiliency Institute uses permaculture education and design to foster nature and human connection, grow food security and build resilient communities.

    The Resiliency Institute
  • Chance for Sports i

    Chance for Sports collects gently-used sports equipment for underprivileged children in the United States and around the world.

    Chance for Sports
  • National Charity League i

    The Greater Naperville National Charity League is a Mother Daughter organization that focuses on philanthropy, leadership and culture.

    Greater Naperville National Charity League
  • Indian Prairie Educational Foundation i

    The Indian Prairie Educational Foundation enriches education for students by supporting their academic, artistic, emotional and physical needs.

    Indian Prairie Educational Foundation
  • Literacy DuPage i

    Literacy DuPage recruits and trains volunteer tutors to sit side-by-side with adults in DuPage County who cannot understand, speak, read, or write English.

    Literacy DuPage
  • Naperville Gives i

    Naperville Gives is a group of nonprofit leaders who have come together to promote nonprofit organizations providing services to Naperville’s citizens.

    Naperville Gives
  • Ride Assist Naperville i

    Ride Assist Naperville is a non-profit that pairs Naperville seniors and their caregivers with a driver to their medical appointments.

    Ride Assist Naperville
  • Ray Graham Association i

    Ray Graham Association (RGA) is a nonprofit organization that supports nearly 2,000 individuals with disabilities and their families in DuPage County.

    Ray Graham Association