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    An image from a sitcom is projected on the screen and the object of the game is to get a person to guess that sitcom by giving clues.

    Screen Time
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    This game comes from the word “Sitcom” itself, which is called a Portmanteau (Port-Mon-Toe), a word made by combining two other words (like a contraction but with the apostrophe).

    M*A*S*H Up!
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    Our host reads a series of items, both real and fake, and when she says an item that actually belongs to that category, a member of each team can run to the buzzer and then say the item that belongs in that category.

    Saved By The Buzz
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    Audience members are chosen from the raffle. Both participants will be using the buzzer to answer multiple choice or true/false questions about TV sitcoms.

    Seen It
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    The clue giver has to give their partner clues to guess 7 words related to that category in 30 seconds. 2 points for each correct answer.

    King of the Clues
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    The host will give a category, and players must find the side of their box that fits that category and arrange their boxes until they are in order from oldest to youngest.

    Nightly Lineup
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    Do you ever wonder what your favorite sitcom theme songs would sound like without the song? We’ve put the lyrics of popular sitcom theme songs into a computerized text to speech program.

    Text Tunes
  • Trophy Presentation i

    Find out what team takes the trophy and bragging rights for Episode 9 Sitcom Showdown. Will it be #TeamLateNight or #TeamPrimeTime?

    Trophy Presentation