• Game On! High School Musical i

    In this game, a short audio clip of a song is played. When the music stops, the first player to buzz in must finish the last 2 – 5 words of the song!

    High School Musical
  • Game On! Connect 2 i

    Connect 2 is played one team at a time and has three themed rounds: celebrity couples, brands and university mascots. Teams need to ‘match’ the correct answer.

    Connect 2
  • Game On! Relay Race i

    Relay Race is played one team at a time. Players have to guess a series of words that start with the same letter but they have to repeat all the previous words first.

    Relay Race
  • TV Screen Time i

    Screen Time is played between two audience members. A photo of a popular TV show is on the screen. Contestants buzz in to guess the name of the show.

    TV Screen Time
  • Starring Dr. McBride i

    Starring Dr. McBride is a buzzer game. Contestants are shown a photo from a movie where the leading man has been replaced by Dr. McBride and have to guess the movie.

    Starring Dr. McBride
  • Game On! AP History i

    AP History requires each team to find the side of their box that answers the given clue and then arrange themselves from oldest to most recent answer.

    AP History
  • Game On! Career Fair i

    In Career Fair one team member tries to get their teammates to guess a career by giving them clues in the form of words or actions.

    Career Fair
  • i

    For more information on Neuqua Valley High School visit their homepage! Episode 8 Host: Danielle Tufano of 95.9 The River

    Game On! Trophy Winner – Episode 8