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    Players are shown a Halloween-themed item with a price. They must buzz to guess whether the actual retail price is higher or lower than the price shown on the screen.

    Vincent Price is Right
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    Each player has a box with part of a monster on each side. Danielle gives a series of clues and the team has to identify the monster and build it with their boxes.

    Monster Mash
  • Mummy Wrap i

    For this Game On! game, each team will answer Halloween trivia questions and if they answer correctly, one member of their team wraps another in toilet paper.

    Mummy Wrap
  • Mommy Dearest i

    Mommy Dearest is a series of multiple choice questions about scary TV moms. The first contestant to buzz gets 3 seconds to correctly answer the question.

    Mommy Dearest
  • 9 Lives i

    In 9 Lives a contestant is shown a series of words that start with the same letter. They need to give their teammates clues so they can guess the word correctly.

    9 Lives
  • Sweet Slogan i

    In Sweet Slogans three types of candy are shown, followed by an advertising slogan. The first player to buzz will try and match the correct candy with the slogan.

    Sweet Slogans
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    In Trick or Treat, Danielle will show the clue-giver a card with a costume on it. They will then try and get their teammate to guess what they are dressed up as.

    Trick or Treat
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