• Name That ValenTune i

    In this game, it’s team versus team. One player from each team will come up to the buzzer. A 10-second

    Name That ValenTune
  • Game On! i

    This game is a version of charades, but to mix things up, the actors will be stuck together in a giant heart costume and can only use one arm.

    Stuck On You
  • All You Need Is Love i

    The host will give each pair a category and a set of 7 words that fit in that category. One person will give the clue; the other will try and guess the answer. Game On!

    All You Need Is Love
  • Game On! i

    Game On! Two audience members play Love & War in this battle for the correct answers to a series of love-related trivia questions.

    Love & War
  • Game On! i

    One player from each team will see an image from a famous romance movie displayed where the face of the leading lady has been replaced with a photo of Danielle! 

    Dear Future Husband
  • Game On! i

    The teams need to correctly identify celebrity couples from a series of clues then find their faces on their boxes and put them together to create a heart.

    Heart 2 Heart
  • Game On! i

    Teams try and get one of their members to guess a series of occupations by describing what they would do on a date. Game On!

    Blind Date
  • i

    Game On! Episode 6 – Trophy Presentation

    Game On! Trophy Winner – Episode 6