• High Definition i

    In this game players are given obscure words and definitions, also shown on the screen, and asked if they are

    High Definition
  • It Takes Two i

    In this game, one team plays at a time. Two people on a team will be the clue givers, while

    It Takes Two
  • The Voice i

    In this game, one member of each team competes to answer the given question. There is a 10 second audio

    The Voice
  • What's The Buzz i

    In this game, the audience gets involved! Two audience members, chosen from a raffle, are asked t simple questions with

    What’s The Buzz
  • Four Letter Words i

    For this game all four contestants of one team sit in chairs and put on dark sunglasses. They are given

    Four Letter Words
  • Starring Danielle i

    In this game, each team will go against each other with a buzzer battle. On the screen there will be

    Starring Danielle
  • One Word i

    Three players from a team will stand, while one stays on the couch to be the guesser. The host shows

    One Word
  • Trophy Presentation i

    Watch to find out who won Episode 3 of Game On! Was it Team Sunrise or Team Noon? Check out

    Game On! Trophy Winner – Episode 3