• Dine In Naperville i

    Dine In Naperville has never been more important to local restaurants, caterers and bard than it is right now with the COVID-19 stay-at-home order.

    Dine In Naperville
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    Shakou combines jaw-dropping decor, award-winning Asian cuisine, and amazing service to create one of the best dining experiences in Naperville.

    Dine Around Naperville – Shakou
  • Ted's Montana Grill i

    At Ted’s Montana Grill, Naperville meets the spirit of the American west! Ted’s delivers on food and hospitality, with a menu as vast as the American plains.

    Ted’s Montana Grill
  • Black Rock i

    At Black Rock Bar & Grill, where you cook your steak on a sizzling 755-degree volcanic rock, it’s more than just a meal, it’s an experience.

    Black Rock
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    Sharing life over plates” is Vai’s motto. With great hospitality and wonderful food, all that’s left is for you to provide the company. Vai’s will take care of the rest.

    VAI’s Italian Inspired Restaurant Kitchen + Bar
  • Shinto Sushi at Freedom Commons i

    Now you can savor the sweet tastes of Shinto Sushi at its second Naperville Location, now at Freedom Commons.

    Shinto Sushi At Freedom Commons
  • Midici i

    Midici Neapolitan Pizza serves up pizza so authentic, you can’t get one like it anywhere else but Italy.

    Midici Neapolitan Pizza
  • Che Figata i

    Che Figata is everything amazing about Italy right here in Naperville. It all starts when you walk in the door, and the options are everywhere!

    Che Figata