• Pediatric Cancer i

    Several guests discuss share their experiences with pediatric cancer and how they are helping other families.

    Pediatric Cancer
  • Sex i

    Dana and her guests discuss the challenges and also benefits of having healthy sex and explore ways to improve your sex life.

    Having a Healthy Sex Life
  • Laughter i

    Host Dana Michelle welcomes two friends and comedians to discuss how laughter can bring people together, even during the most difficult times.

    Laughter During Difficult Times
  • Living Intentionally i

    This episode marks the one year anniversary of the show’s launch and appropriately focuses on something Dana opens every episode with, living intentionally.

    Anniversary Episode: Living Intentionally
  • i

    Dana tackles the tough subject of suicide awareness discussing with guests who have all been impacted in some way by suicide.

    Suicide Awareness
  • Dana & Moms Crossover i

    Live Zoom Show. Dana Being Dana and The Moms Network talk about how they are keeping some semblance of order balancing kids, e-learning and work during COVID-19.

    Dana & Moms Crossover
  • Autism Awareness i

    Dana Davenport, whose son was diagnosed with autism at age 7, talks with Little Friends and Turning Pointe Autism Foundation to spread Autism Awareness.

    Autism Awareness
  • diversity and inclusion i

    How do you talk about diversity and inclusion? If you are Dana you invite six friends from different races, religions, and genders and ask them the tough questions.

    Exploring Diversity and Inclusion