• Autism Awareness i

    Dana Davenport, whose son was diagnosed with autism at age 7, talks with Little Friends and Turning Pointe Autism Foundation to spread Autism Awareness.

    Autism Awareness
  • diversity and inclusion i

    How do you talk about diversity and inclusion? If you are Dana you invite six friends from different races, religions, and genders and ask them the tough questions.

    Exploring Diversity and Inclusion
  • i

    Women supporting women is an essential part of Dana Being Dana. On this episode are two women who have made careers out of supporting and uplifting others.

    Women Supporting Women
  • Love and Marriage i

    Inspired by the romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally,” this episode takes a look at love and marriage, from first date mishaps to making love last.

    Love and Marriage
  • i

    Dana is joined by Tracy Weems, Jessica Gimeno and clinical therapist Adam Ratner to break down the stigmas affiliated with anxiety and depression.

    Depression and Anxiety
  • i

    The Cradle and several parents touched by adoption, share their personal stories, hoping to give future parents another option to consider.

  • i

    Friends and lifestyle coaches join Dana to help viewers navigate the trials and tribulations of the dating world.

    Dating and Relationships
  • i

    Dana, clinical psychologists and those who deal with narcissists discuss the toll the personality disorder can take on relationships.