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    Swedish journalist and bestselling author David Lagercrantz discusses the grand finale of his Millennium Series, The Girl Who Lived Twice.

    David Lagercrantz
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    Authors Revealed host Becky Anderson sits down with bestselling author David Lagercrantz for lightning round questions.

    Lightning Round: David Lagercrantz
  • Scott Pelley i

    Scott Pelley introduces his audience to unforgettable people who discovered the meaning of their lives in the historic events of our times.

    Scott Pelley
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    Scott Pelley has been a reporter and photographer for more than 45 years. He’s known for his work at 60 Minutes and CBS Evening News.

    Lightning Round: Scott Pelley
  • Kate Mulgrew i

    Kate Mulgrew takes readers through a journey of life and loss, secrets and betrayal and a daughter’s love for her parents.

    Kate Mulgrew
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    Kate Mulgrew answers lightning round questions with Authors Revealed host Becky Anderson.

    Lightning Round: Kate Mulgrew
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    Teri Turner is a brand innovator, influencer and trendsetter who provides fresh ideas and recipes for her fans and clients.

    Teri Turner
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    Her friends call her “The Kitchen Goddess”. Teri Turner is the creator of the popular food and lifestyle blog and book, No Crumbs Left.

    Lightning Round: Teri Turner