The Center for Primary Care and Sports Medicine

Primary Care LogoThe Center for Primary Care and Sports Medicine, Lawrence T. Kacmar MD, SC is unique in medicine today. We look at medicine as a relationship between doctor and patient. A relationship based on a care model that places the patient at the center. The patient centered approach allows, Dr. Lawrence T. Kacmar to care for the patient in office, inpatient hospital, and sub-acutely at many different area rehabilitation centers. This allows for continuity of care and care provided by a physician that is well known to the patient. Our care model allows for most care to be done in the office. We provide onsite Digital X-Ray, Lab, Physical Therapy, casting and minor surgical procedures. Dr. Lawrence T. Kacmar is also fellowship trained and board certified in both Sports Medicine and Family Practice. This gives a unique approach in treating musculoskeletal injuries. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Lawrence T. Kacmar has treated athletes, from childhood to geriatric, as well as, encompassing Family Medicine. He is trained and experienced in treating musculoskeletal injuries and coordinating care among specialists and other facilities to provide complete care and recovery.

Lawrence T. Kacmar, M.D.
Medical Director

3965 75th Street, Suite 103
Aurora, IL 60504



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Join Danielle Tufano & NCTV17 for game night!

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