NuYu Endogenesis Healing

nuyu-logo-largeNuYu Endogenesis Healing clients reinvent themselves with the help of holistic therapies. At NuYu, clients are treated naturally with a variety of modalities from Hyperbaric Therapy to Whole Body Vibrational Therapy.

Personalized nutritional counseling helps clients lose weight by giving them the tools they need to make smart decisions for their bodies. The goal of these personalized treatments is to leave patients feeling happier and healthier.

Matthew Milonas, Chiropractor
Jessica Milonas, Chiropractor

Our Cutting Edge Therapies:
– Cryotherapy
– Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
– Inflammation Reduction
– Toxin Removal

We specialize in assessing all of your needs and setting you down a path to actually achieve total wellness. Your body is a complex organism that is unique. Your version of wellness will be unique, too. You are NOT just a number in our office. Your story and personal journey to wellness matter to us. We want to help you!

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