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Nutrition HeartBeat

Nutrition HeartBeat is a full service sports nutrition company that works with adults, adolescents, and teams run by Dr. Laurie Schubert, sports dietitian. We work with all types of athletes, active in strength and power, team and endurance sports. Nutrition HeartBeat helps athletes in all stages of their sport do what they need to get to the next level: build muscle, lose body fat, improve performance, and build new habits or better mental toughness. We also work with teams and coaches, providing free team talks, education and RD on Retainer, a pre-set schedule of visits to a team for event-specific information. Our goal is to work out the nutrition and hydration strategies in advance so that when an athlete needs to compete, that competition is the ONLY thing on their mind.

Dr. Laurie Schubert, Sports Dietitian

P. O. Box 634
Warrenville, IL 60555

(331) 305-4834


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