Naperville Salt Cave

A soundproof space encapsulated with a layer of rich Himalayan healing salt on walls (6 tons) and on the floor (2 tons) that will saturate this space with 84 natural minerals performing in conjunction with an aerosol generator producing fine micronized salt particles pure NACI (pharmaceutical salt) displaced throughout the cave reflecting the hygienic and restorative properties of natural salt caves as exist throughout Europe that you will experience while laying in a zero gravity chair. This space is controlled with various sensors that control: temperature/humidity/salt air concentration in kg/cm3 and fresh air requirements under and constant negative pressure producing negative ions distributed throughout the space. This process known as Salt Therapy may reduce chronic fatigue, stress, and many other symptoms as outlined in our brochure and on our website. The air in our cave is heavily saturated with negative ions and essential minerals. The ceiling has hundreds of light particles controlled with a fiber optic illuminator as are the wall sconces that are controlled with a dimmable illuminator. The fireplace and surrounding salt lamps add to the relaxing atmosphere created.

Charlie Canali, Building Owner
Sandy Lopez, Owner/Manager

1324 E Ogden Ave #100
Naperville, IL 60563

(630) 718-1111

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