Maestro Academy

Maestro Academy aims to provide high quality, student-centered academic support and real-world life skills in order to foster for school success and lifelong achievement in all areas of life. With our highly-qualified educators, Maestro Academy provides tutoring services and life skills sessions through individual and small group collaboration.

Our educators work with students in grades 6-12. Our goals are to help them earn better grades in school, raise their college entrance exam scores, fine-tune their study habits, gain academic confidence, and practice critical thinking skills. Additionally, our mentoring programs promote and encourage civic engagement, responsibility, leadership, and people skills through an emphasis on positive social impact and global awareness.

Maestro Academy aims to maximize academic potential and promote student success in a safe, cozy, and welcoming environment open to all students from those who are struggling in school to those who wish to hone their school skills and achieve even greater success. We believe that encouragement, support, character development, integrity, wisdom, and responsibility are the key components for maximizing a student’s academic potential.

Steve Rusky, Academic Tutor

651 Amersale Dr. Unit 105
Naperville, Illinois 60563

(630) 470-9032


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