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Luigi’s Pizza and Fun Center

Luigi’s Pizza is Born

Back in 1953, old Mrs. Duncan had a little sandwich shop that was known locally for its outstanding soups and sandwiches. That year she had an epiphany to expand her menu with pizza; a fairly new item to mainstream America.

Thus Luigi’s Pizza was born and it has been delighting the people of the greater Aurora area ever since.

Bill Poss Becomes Owner

Over the years, Luigi’s changed owners several times until the current owner, Bill Poss, bought it in 1981.

At that time Luigi’s was located at 1431 East New York Street (currently Taquería La Cierra).

It wasn’t long before Bill realized what his customers wanted was a place that they could bring their family, friends, co-workers, and employees; a place that everyone could come to enjoy his delicious pizza.

Unfortunately, that building on New York Street just wasn’t big enough. But as luck would have it, The Blarney Stone Pizza on 380 West Galena Boulevard was available and that 5000 square foot building was perfect for Bill’s vision of what Luigi’s could be.

Shortly, the deal was done and Luigi’s Pizza had a new home.

Luigi’s became the kind of place where you could bring the family for a Friday night pizza dinner, or the baseball team after the game, or the place to take your employees for a well-deserved thank you after a hard day’s work.

Luigi’s had the space it needed… for a while.

A Bigger Vision for Luigi’s Pizza

Pretty soon, everyone wanted a piece of that Luigi’s pie…at the same time.

Space was getting tight at the Galena Boulevard location. Not only that, but Bill’s vision of what he wanted for Luigi’s had evolved.

More space was needed for more people, parties, and celebrations. An arcade would be nice for the kids to play in while waiting for your order and a spot where Mom and Dad can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine away from the commotion would be nice too.

These ideas sounded great to everyone. So the search was on to find a new home for Luigi’s.

Fortunately for Bill, a realtor, Mike Drews, was on the case. Mike knew that the old Dave’s Super Savers grocery store at 732 Prairie Street had been sitting empty and was available for purchase. And that building was big!

Bill was hooked and the purchase was made.

The next 6 months were frantic with the remodeling of the new Luigi’s Pizza.

Luigi’s Pizza and Fun Center

A 12,000 square foot Game Room would keep those kids entertained.

4 banquet rooms to handle any party up to 300 people would do.

A full bar with over 50 bottled and draft beers and a large selection of wines would top everything off.

Bill’s vision came to life.

Luigi’s moved into that old grocery store in 1999 and it became Luigi’s Pizza and Fun Center. But that isn’t the end of the story.

One of the largest and most unique Laser Tag arenas was added in 2005. In 2010 Luigi’s saw 4 lanes of mini-bowling shoe-horned into the Game Room to add another level of excitement.

Bill had made “THE” go-to destination for birthday parties, great pizza, and great fun.


No one knows what the future holds for Luigi’s Pizza and Fun Center.

One thing is certain, no matter what Bill’s visions might bring, at Luigi’s “You bring the family; we’ll bring the fun!”.

Bill Poss, Owner

(630) 756-5451

732 Prairie Street
Aurora, IL 60506


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