Detective Dan

Dan Draz created a multimedia (Radio, TV, Video, Internet and Print) content production company. He researches, writes, edits and records unique short form news features under the name “Detective Dan.” Informational features, spread across a wide variety of topics, reflect current issues, nefarious activity, dastardly deeds and troubling trends which the public needs to know about. The constantly changing global threat landscape reinforces the public’s need for regular information updates in order to increase awareness, stay safe and avoid victimization.

Whether it’s online or in person, the world’s full of unsavory characters trying to get access to you, your money or your information. Join accomplished investigator, and information professional, Dan Draz (Detective Dan®) as he discusses the hottest topics, trends and dastardly deeds sweeping the globe. In an era where individuals, businesses and families are being victimized daily by international “bad actors,” these unique, intriguing and informational short form news features provide enlightening content and insightful public awareness information. Detective Dan produces 3-5 compelling features weekly.

Dan Draz, Producer – Writer – Voice Talent

931 W. 75th St., Suite 137-303
Naperville, IL 60565

(630) 699-5054


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