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Codeverse is the world’s first fully interactive coding school and educational tech platform that teaches kids (aged 6-13) to code. We’re on a mission to teach a billion kids to code! During class, kids use our proprietary language, KidScript, to learn how to code. KidScript enables children to build games, projects and apps as well as program dozens of physical objects within the 3,600 sq ft studio, including a 20 ft TV wall, 3D printers, hackable lights, and concert-hall speakers. KidScript draws inspiration from (and acts as a gateway to) many other languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python and Visual Basic. It includes all the key concepts of programming and enables untethered creativity for each student that passes through our classroom. Codeverse Naperville opened its doors on December 3rd 2018, during National Computer Science Education Week.To learn more about Codeverse, click here. To sign your child up for a complimentary 75-minute class, click here.

Colton Antos, Studio Manager

55 S. Main Street
Suite 230
Naperville, IL 60540

(844) 644-2633


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