Silvia Hidalgo

While studying to take her citizenship test, Silvia Hidalgo found her government-provided materials lacking. So she took on the challenge on her own to create a better way! Meet Hidalgo with her new title, How to Be an American. Timely.

The current political climate has left many of us wondering how our government actually operates. Sure, we learned about it in school, but if put to the test, how many of us can correctly explain the branches of government? The history of politics? The differences and connections between local government and federal government? Enter How to Be an American. While author and illustrator Silvia Hidalgo was studying for her citizenship test, she quickly found that the materials provided by the government were lacking. In order to more easily absorb the information, Hidalgo started her own illustrated reference to civics facts and American history essentials. She’s collected her findings in How to Be an American, a freshly designed and illustrated two-color guide to all things America.


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