Share your expertise in a professionally produced 2-minute segment within our monthly lifestyle show, (630) Naperville.

NCTV17’s production team will combine your on-camera spokesperson and demonstration footage of three tips related to your business. For example:

  • Real Estate: 3 staging tips to prepare your home for sale
  • Garden Center or Landscaping Company: 3 most Important things to do to winterize your garden
  • Financial Planner: Top 3 tips to put you on the right path to a more financially secure future

The spokesperson will record two introductions and closings to the segment: 1) for the show where the host will introduce the segment and 2) for a stand-alone video file for the business which will use company branding. See examples:


Package Cost: $600

  • 5% discount offered if Expert contracts to produce two or more videos within a 12-month period
    • An additional 5% discount offered if production of two videos can be done on same day/location

To schedule your TV Appearance, contact Shannon Lynch or 630.355.2124