Put your expertise on TV!

NCTV17 is offering a NEW 2-minute segment for purchase within our monthly lifestyle show, (630) Naperville. This segment will feature local experts providing three tips and tactics on a topic related to their business. For example:

  • Real Estate: 3 staging tips to prepare your home for sale
  • Garden Center or Landscaping Company: 3 most important things to do to winterize your garden
  • Financial Planner: Top 3 tips to put you on the right path to a more financially secure future

Ask Your Local Expert  package includes the following:


  • NCTV17’s production staff will tape a 2-minute segment which will combine an on-camera spokesperson and visuals to appropriately demonstrate the three tips and tactics
    • Captured on-site at the business (or related location) during one production taping
    • Spokesperson will be prepared to demonstrate tips on day of taping and have all necessary materials on-hand
  • The spokesperson will record two introductions and closings to the segment: 1) for the show where the host will introduce the segment and 2) for a stand-alone video file for the business which will include stronger branding/sales pitch for the business.

TV Exposure

  • The 2-minute video will be introduced by the anchor of (630) Naperville as a ‘story’ within the show which runs for a period of four weeks (30 airings) on Channel 17 (Comcast & WOW!) and Channel 99 on AT&T. These three cable stations reach 85% of cable households in Naperville. Visit this page for an example.

Online Presence

  • (630) Naperville is simultaneously live streamed online at NCTV17.com while it airs on the channel and is also available on-demand here at NCTV17.com.
  • The Ask Your Local Expert story is posted as a stand-alone video on the (630) Naperville show web page, NCTV17’s YouTube Channel, as well as the station social media sites and LinkedIn for expanded exposure.
    • NCTV17.com receives an average of 30,000 visitors per month.

Additional Marketing

  • Each local expert will receive an electronic file of their video (both with and without anchor lead-in) to use as part of their own marketing initiatives, i.e. website, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

Package Cost

  • Package cost is $600
  • 5% discount offered if Expert contracts to produce two or more videos within a 12-month period.
    • An additional 5% discount offered if production of two videos can be done on same day/location

To schedule your Ask Your Local Expert video package, contact Shannon Lynch

slynch@nctv17.com OR 630.355.2124