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Citizen of the Year Award
For the week of 2012-04-13
The local American Legion post honored the leader of an award-winning healthcare provider.

CEO of Edward Hospital Pam Davis earned the legion’s citizen of the year award. Every year members of the post recognize outstanding service to the Naperville community or the entire country.

Members of the legion say she helped transform Edward Hospital into one of the most premier medical facilities in the United States and contributed to the “ethical health” of Illinois government by helping bring justice to former governor Rod Blagojevich.

Davis has served more than 20 years as the hospital’s CEO.

Since she started in 1988, Edward Hospital has opened its fitness and cancer centers, expanded its emergency department, opened its Healthcare Center in Bolingbrook, and acquired Linden Oaks Hospital all under her leadership.

NCTV17's Kevin Machak Reports.